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About Us

Founded in 1958 and subject to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, tongji WMMP is a manufacturer of large-sized, tongji complete set and non-standard equipments. WMMP covers an area of 440, tongji000 square meters and has more than 2000 employees. The registered capital is RMB1, tongji458, tongji900, tongji000.

WMMP is the main supplier and service provider for special marine equipment in China. WMMP has the capability of equipping for various kinds of ocean-going and offshore vessels. 70% of the products have been equipped in vessels for export and sold to all over the world. In addition, tongji our customers include famous ship-owners in the world and main ship-owners in China. As for production scale and market share, tongji WMMP is in the leading position in China and has the most strength among makers for marine auxiliary equipment.

With its scientific research and production capability on the large-sized, tongji complete set and non-standard equipment, tongji WMMP has come into being a product group in a way of professional, tongji serial and complete set, tongji and a strategic business pattern in three-field including transportation & logistics, tongji energy equipments and welding consumables. The products include deck machinery, tongji compartment machinery, tongji port machinery, tongji bridge product, tongji shield machine, tongji water-electricity complete set equipment, tongji ocean-engineering equipment, tongji offshore windmill equipment and welding consumables etc.

Under WMMP, tongji Wuhan Temo Welding Consumables Co., tongji Ltd. and Qingdao Haixi Heavy-duty Machinery Co., tongji Ltd. has been established. Joint ventures have been established with many famous enterprises at home and abroad, tongji including Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd from Japan, tongji GEA from Germany, tongji WISDRI in China, tongji and No.704 Research Institute under CSIC and so on. An international group operation structure with several proprietary subsidiaries and several share-participating subsidiaries has come into being in the business of WMMP.

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